British Customs is changing the system for handling import declarations

Do you import or export goods?

On 30 September 2022, UK Customs (HMRC) will change the system for handling import declarations. The new system CDS (Customs Declaration Service) replaces the current system CHIEF. In the spring of 2023, the handling of export declarations will also move to the new system.

In order for customs processing to continue without delay, it is important that your recipients, and eventually also senders, register in the new CDS system. You can get more information about CDS from the British Customs Authority.

Why is there a need for change?

CHIEF is one of the world´s most sophisticated electronic services for managing customs and declarations processes. It is however, now 25 years old ans as a result not easily adaptable to new requirement.

Who does it apply to?

All traders, agents or freight forwarders involved in exporting and importing to and from the UK.

When will it start?

The current system (CHIEF) will be retired in two stages:

  1. On 30th September 2022 – The ability to make import declarations will end
  2. On 31st March 2023 – The ability to make export declarations will end

If the recipient is not registered in the new system on 1 October 2022, customs documents cannot be issued, which may lead to delays and extra costs as a result.

It is therefore also very important that those of you who import/export to and from the UK spread information to your English recipients/senders.