TSG Short Sea
Slakterigatan 10
721 32 Västerås

Tel: +46 10 129 30 60


TSG Short Sea/
TMA Logistics

Tel: +31 20 448 78 44
Fax: +31 20 448 78 55


TSG Terminal
No. 3 Quay,
King George Dock
Hedon Road, Hull
HU9 5PR, England

Tel: +44 148 271 81 11
Fax: +44 148 281 87 00


MÄLARHAMNAR – in the port of Västerås, cargo is handled for further transportation within Sweden or toward the rest of the world on a daily basis. Due to the location of Mälaren and the port, vessels are able to transport cargo far into Sweden’s main land and therefore decrease road transports and shorten the distances between ports and final destination. The port also offer services within crane and cargo handling as well as stevedoring (among others).


SÖDERTÄLJE – The port of Södertälje is localized with access to both well-established infrastructure, the Baltic sea and Mälaren, and is considered an important factor in the current development of Swedish shipping industry. The port enables further transportation of cargo localized in the Stockholm area, and opens up for more efficient connections for SUN Line’s traffic towards Europe.


OXELÖSUND – With quick access to road and railways, the port in Oxelösund is a positive tribute to SUN Line’s operations. The facilities of the port helps with handling the cargo efficiently and results in fast and effetive loads and unloadings within the organization.


ANTWERP – The port of Antwerp has been a part of european trading since the middle ages. The port is well-established and its experience contributes with great and smooth port- and cargo handlings.


AMSTERDAM – SUN Line enters the Netherlands through TMA Logistic’s terminal in Amsterdam. Here, the cargo gets an opportunity to quickly move down on to the continent, or further up towards England or Sweden.


HULL – the port om Hull has access to multimodal transportation solutions such as railroads, sea and land, which provides our customer’s cargo with the opportunity to keep moving in several cost-efficient ways. The port is manned around the clock, and provides assistance whenever SUN Line needs it.