New value limit for general customs value declarations in 2024

On January 1, 2024, Sweden will switch to the new import system, which means that the submission of information to the Swedish Customs Administration will change, and that all information must be submitted electronically. In the case of imports where the customs value exceeds SEK 217,486, it will be mandatory to enter the customs value declaration in the customs clearance.

  • Customs value declaration contains information that shows costs and the conditions that have affected the price of the imported goods.
  • A customs value declaration can be submitted for each import occasion or you can apply for a general customs value declaration.

For our customers with a customs value exceeding SEK 217,486, it would be easier if you applied for a general customs value declaration. It would streamline the customs process and shipping so that there are no delays in delivery while we wait for customs value declarations.

To apply for a general customs value declaration on the Swedish Customs Administration’s website:

When you apply for a general customs value declaration, you must use the same form as for a normal customs value declaration, but only fill in the first page. You mark that it is a general customs value declaration by writing the word “General” at the top of the form.

Customs Information

The customs value declaration

The application is sent by letter to:
Box 27311
102 54 Stockholm

Please send us the diary number for your approved general customs value declaration before 31 December 2023.

For questions, contact:

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