People in focus

Thor Shipping`s ambition is to be a responsible employer with a healthy and safe work environment. In our opinion, social responsibility is not something that should be limited to the immediate business, but we want all who we have contact with to feel good.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We are responsible for the choices we make to drive our business forward and primarily want to work with suppliers who contribute to sustainable development such as: human rights, recognized principles for fighting corruption, working conditions, the environment and business ethics.

Thor Shipping´s Supplier Code of Conduct

Active responsibility

Successful sustainability work permeates trough the entire business and therefore we place great emphasis on having relevant, updated and easily accessible policies in the business. Business ethics and work environment policies are kept updated through regular review and form the basis for both new employees who are to be introduced to work, existing employees who need guidance and also for everyone to see as guidelines in how we are expected to treat each other.

We recognize all the sustainability goals set by the UN as important for a healthy business, but realize that we do the greatest good by focusing on the aspects that are most relevant to our business. Through our risk analysis and taking into account the challenges of the logistics industry, we have set the following social goals:

  • Number of workplace accidents
  • Number of reported harassments
  • Proportion of women / men at work
  • Proportion of women / men in management