Resource efficiency & anti-corruption

To optimize our way of acting as a business function, transparent processes and clear working methods are required. Our internal improvement work is to increase our resource efficiency, which simplifies the work of paying attention to influencing factors that could give rise to corrupt situations. For us, it is important to be professional and financial sustainability is part of it.

Business management

Our ambition as business is to be as resource efficient as possible, and thereby reduce both unnecessary workload and environmental impact. The basis for achieving this is to constantly update and renew the governing documents set by management and the board, with a focus on areas that generate clear job descriptions, rules and structure. By having current and up to date processes and approaches, we intend to capture and prevent, among other things, behavours and business opportunities that are not ethically accepted, while we hope that the working environment can be benefited and that the team spirit is strengthened.

Through performed risk analysis and taking into account the challenges of the logistics industry, we have set the financial goals:

  • Filling degree, excl. Kelp
  • Empty containers as an imbalance